Worked With Aliens?

I have watched this video quite a few times and debated with myself as to whether to post it on this website or not.It has been around since March 2013 and has had a few viewings(over 900 thousands). I cannot make up my mind, true or false? I had never heard of Charles Hall before watching this video or since. He and his wife present the topic quite seriously, they seem to be true belivers.The interviewers don’t seem to really believe, but trying to complete the intrview with a strait face seems to be hard for them.I think it is time for you to decide what you believe.By the way Charles Hall mentions in the video that he was coming to Australia the following week….I did not read anywhere that he actually did come. The blarb below is how the video was posted on YouTube.

Confirmed: The U.S. Military Has Worked With Aliens? 2013
Australian TV airs interview with Charles Hall who claims to have worked with ET’s at U.S. Bases.

Enjoy and share………..

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