Telescopes of The Future

This is the last video in a series of videos released by NASA. As you will see the telescopes of the future all have one thing in common, they are monstrous in size. I am lucky to live in one of the countries where there is one of these giants,Australia. Australia and South Africa are to share the world’s biggest telescope – the Square Kilometre Array due to be fully operational by 2024.

The future … the Square Kilometre Array will be the largest and most capable radio telescope ever made and will allow scientists to see back in time. Photo: SKA Organisation/Swinburne Astro.

More SKA dishes will be added to a 36-dish telescope almost completed in Australia called the Australian SKA Pathfinder.The core Australian site is in the remote shire of Murchison, in Western Australia, a radio-quiet zone about 300 kilometres north-east of Geraldton which has only about 100 people in an area larger than Holland.

One day a telescope may be able to answer the perpetual question-Are we alone in the Universe?

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