Resistance is Futile for M54

This is amazing. I had no idea there were dwarf galaxies around the milky way. Imagine if there is a planet with intelligent life within one of those dwarf galaxies, they’re lucky enough to see the entire milky way galaxy when they look up in the night sky. It must be an amazing sight.
While I’m inclined to say that a view of an entire spiral galaxy in the night sky would be much more amazing than our sky full of stars, maybe that’s because I take the multitude of stars we can see for granted. Perhaps a hypothetical being is looking up at our Milky Way and thinking about how amazing it would be to see that many stars from a home planet.
Why does Messier 54 conjure up images of The Borg for Professor Paul Crowther?
It is quite amazing that the debris left by the trail of this galaxy is actually a bunch of stars. Like a crazy star spewing comet.

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