Planet Behind the Moon?

Planet behind the Moon or Hoax?

Using a Canon Binocular you can see footage of an object behind the Moon, or can you?

Admittedly this is a compelling view, but is it true, I was enjoying this video until the

presenter started in with advertising his radio show YouTube and FaceBook.

Than the binocular became a telescope….So…which was it a binocular or a telescope?

Never-the less I continue to watch the video to find out why it had so many views.

Well I am still wandering as I don’t really know what to make of the last 5 minutes of this video.

It seems to have little to do with Astrology, but hey that is only my opinion!

As usual I leave it to you to make up your own mind.

Enjoy it or not share…

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  1. Robert Peters says:

    Really surprised you posted this garbage. Oh sure.. a planet… behind the moon. Yet no one else can see it. Is the bright object supposed to be the moon and the object below it, clearly a reflection off his lens of the moon. Poor guy is either clearly insane or desperately looking for listeners to his radio show.

    • mimmac says:

      Hi Robert
      I agree that it is not a very good video, and my writing about it confirms this,BUT it has had lots of views,and it creates a good discussion point. Every one is entitled to express their opinion.
      Thanks for yours.

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