Earth-like Planet Gliese 581

Star gliese 581 is 20 light years from earth. it’s about the same age as our sun,and orbiting it. It’s just the right distance from it’s Star, any closer water would boil away and further, it would freeze. These are ideal conditions for life to have evolved. And if comets have struck, delivering water and organic materials, then life, complex beings like us, even civilizations like our own, could be on it right now. Supposing that there is life on this Earth-like planet, even at this distance, they could be tuning into our radio signals, watching Television shows 20 years ago. Until future generations can figure out how to communicate over these vast distances, all we can do is speculate. Us and them, living parallel lives, unaware of each others existence. Unless life has been and gone, that’s the problem with comets they are creators and destroyers, as the dinosaurs found out the hard way 65 millions years ago. This is the needle in the cosmic haystack. The closest we’ve come to a habitable solar system like our own.

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