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  • Landsat Looks to the Moon

    Landsat Looks to the Moon

    With one of the supemoons in full swing right now,and two due in the next 2 months, here we have some new information about what Landsat does during these periods. Every full moon, Landsat 8 turns its back on Earth. As the satellite’s orbit takes it to the nighttime side of the planet, Landsat 8 pivots to point at the moon. It scans the distant lunar surface multiple times, then flips back around to continue its task of collecting land-cover […]

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  • Landsat Tracks Urban Change and Flood Risk

    Landsat Tracks Urban Change and Flood Risk

    Today we diverge from the usual astronomy video and post a video about a subject that is close to all of us who live on a coastline. No matter where this coast happens to be it will be affected by floods at one time or another, so lets see what NASA and Landsat have come up with to help. Landsat data, which can identify areas of urbanization, are used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a key indicator of […]

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  • First Year in Orbit for Landsat 8

    First Year in Orbit for Landsat 8

    Here is another satellite polluting the atmosphere around Earth. What good has the data collected in the past 12 months been? Has it helped to reduce the damage we cause to our planet on a daily basis? So far nothing useful has come out of all the data collected. Lets hope that in the near future we can actually utilize the information to improve our planet. On Feb. 11, 2013, Landsat 8 launched into Earth orbit, riding on an Atlas […]

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  • Just Like Peeling An Onion

    Just Like Peeling An Onion

    Peeling Back Landsat’s Layers of Data This is just one more video about Landsat. We seem to have abundant ways to find information about our planet and yet we still haven’t found a way to help it.This is a subject close to my heart…so I will continue to post about things that affect or can help Earth. Landsat satellites circle the globe every 99 minutes, collecting data about the land surfaces passing underneath. After 16 days, the Landsat satellite has […]

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  • Landsat’s Orbit

    Landsat’s Orbit

    Jim Irons, the Project Scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center tells you how long it takes for Landsat 8 to orbit the Earth and view the full surface of the globe. As a Landsat satellite flies over the surface of the Earth the instruments aboard the satellite are able to view a swath 185 kilometers wide and collect images along that swath as the satellite proceeds through its orbit. The spacecraft travels at approximately 4.7 miles per second. The […]

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