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  • Kepler’s First Five Worlds

    Kepler’s First Five Worlds

    Tony Darnell narrates this video. It has beautiful music and photography. On January 4th, 2010, the Kepler Science Team announced the first five worlds discovered by the Kepler Space Telescope. These planets are larger, Jupiter-sized ones, instead of the smaller Earth-sized planets it was designed to detect, but these discoveries pave the way by assuring that the systems all work and that the science goals will be met. Enjoy and share….

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  • A Sudden Multiplication of Planets

    A Sudden Multiplication of Planets

    Years ago scientists were thrilled to find one new planet.Now thanks to Kepler we have a bonanza of new worlds as announced by NASA,a breakthrough addition to the catalog of new planets. Researchers using Kepler have confirmed 715 new worlds, almost quadrupling the number of planets previously confirmed by the planet hunting spacecraft. Some of the new worlds are similar in size to Earth and orbit in the habitable zone of their parent stars. Enjoy and share….

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  • New Universe Discovered by Keple

    New Universe Discovered by Keple

    Back in 2009 Kepler was launched to answer only one question:how many stars in our galaxy harbor planets like the Earth? Using many observatories around the Earth in conjaction with Kepler and Hubble many thousands of exoplanets have been discovered. In this video Tony Darnell explains all about these discoveries and all about the new frontiers that Kepler has opened up in the last 5 years. Kepler has opened up a new universe. Only about 20 years ago, we didn’t […]

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