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  • Black Hole vs Stars

    Black Hole vs Stars

    Mass & Size Comparison Black Hole vs Stars – Mass & Size Comparison – With Stunning Space Graphics and Animation by: Morn1415 who made a similarly stunning video comparing star stars. This visual journey will take you from a relatively small black hole the size of Manhattan to a supermassive black hole that drives an entire galaxy. Enjoy and share……

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  • Blue Origin Launches Capsule and Rocket, Lands Both Again

    Blue Origin Launches Capsule and Rocket, Lands Both Again

    On June 19, 2016, the “New Shepard” rocket successfully launched three student payloads into suborbital space. The rocket and capsule landed a few minutes after separation. This was the 4th flight of the same hardware, proving its re-usability once again. Enjoy and share……

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  • Clash of the Titans

    Clash of the Titans

    Hubble’s Universe Unfiltered Astronomers have known for decades that our Milky Way Galaxy and the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy are approaching each other. What we haven’t known is just how close the encounter will be. Recent Hubble measurements have been able to pin down the trajectory with a smashing conclusion: in about four billion years the two galaxies will crash together in a nearly head-on collision. Further, the spiral galaxies will have completely merged and transformed to create a single elliptical […]

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  • Mars 2017, Curiosity Rover

    Mars 2017, Curiosity Rover

    Ancient Life on Mars Enjoy and share……

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  • New Views of the Pillars of Creation

    New Views of the Pillars of Creation

    One of Hubble’s most famous images was taken in 1995. The iconic “Pillars of Creation” shows the tall and beautiful gaseous pillar structures that can form inside star-forming regions. Within these dark clouds, stars are being born. Hubble kicked off its 25th anniversary year in 2015 with some images that used its improved cameras to revisit these beautiful pillars. This larger, higher resolution, and expanded wavelength examination uncovered new details, new features, and new perspectives on a classic image. — […]

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  • Telescopes of Tomorrow

    Telescopes of Tomorrow

    The telescopes of tomorrow will see in infrared and ultraviolet. They will peer through space and scan across time. They will allow us to find new supernovae, spot potentially hazardous asteroids, better understand dark energy and peer into the earliest moments of space time. Enjoy and share……

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  • The Age of Hubble

    The Age of Hubble

    This video is like a feature movie, it is longer than anything I have posted in the past. You just don’t want to miss it. Hubble makes me smile, wander and think, I hope you have the time to watch it. An army of high-tech telescopes, led by Hubble in space, has delivered an unprecedented chain of discoveries about how galaxies took shape, how stars live and die, and how life arose. What are we learning about the universe and […]

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  • The Geometry of Causality

    The Geometry of Causality

    Using geometry we can not only understand, but visualize how causality dictates the order of events in our universe. In this episode we dive deeper into the relationship between space and time and explore how we can geometrically map the causality of the universe and increase our understanding of how time and distance relate to one another. Enjoy and share……

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  • The Moon

    The Moon

    Incredible Lunar Views From The Japanese SELENE Orbiter – Earthrise Take a journey across the surface of the moon. See the earth rise and set from the lunar surface. This video was recorded by the SELENE Lunar Orbiter – images are copyright JAXA / NHK SELENE , better known in Japan by its nickname Kaguya, was the second Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft following the Hiten probe] Produced by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) and the National Space […]

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  • The Speed of Light is NOT About Light

    The Speed of Light is NOT About Light

    The speed of light is often cited as the fastest anything can travel in our universe. While this might be true, the speed of light is the EFFECT and not the CAUSE of this phenomenon. So what’s the cause? On this week’s episode of Space Time, Matt helps explain what the speed of light REALLY is and why it’s the cosmic speed limit of our universe! Enjoy and share……

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