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  • Science and Diplomacy

    Science and Diplomacy

    OIB Flights South 2014 Science and Diplomacy Here is someone who takes his job seriously. Never speak without first finding out as much as you can on the subject. Diplomacy requires knowledge of issues that matter to the people with whom you’re speaking. Climate change is an issue that concerns everyone on Earth. As the official US representative to Chile, Ambassador Michael Hammer spent some time with the IceBridge team on research flight over Antarctica, and his fact-finding trip offers […]

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  • Birds And Planes

    Birds And Planes

    OIB Flights South 2014: Birds and Planes NASA is a modern explorer, it looks to space and back at Earth. The following video explains how. Research flights over Antarctica generally travel over some of the most remote, lifeless places on Earth. But penguins call the Antarctic coastline home. That’s why flight planers with NASA’s Operation IceBridge pay close attention to penguin habitats, and carefully navigate their DC-8 to avoid disturbing the birds. Enjoy and share….. Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Old […]

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  • A Selective History of Sea Ice Observations

    A Selective History of Sea Ice Observations

    Arctic sea ice has been been the last frontier of the North for thousands of years, turning back seafarers, testing the mettle of explorers, and providing a way of life for people circling the top of the world. This animated timeline provides a quick (and highly selective) ride from the days of early Greek exploration to the dawn of the Space Age. Enjoy and share……

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  • Antarctica Object

    Antarctica Object

    This is a weird video,but I thought it interesting enough to post. The video uses Google Earth to point out an object buried in Antarctica. It was measured at 14 miles long and 4 miles wide.What is it? I haven’t the faintest idea so….I thought you may find that you know more about this object and would be kind enough to share with me. Enjoy and share….   Antarctica Old Price: $7.99 Price: $1.98

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  • UFO crash In Antarctica?

    UFO crash In Antarctica?

    Antarctic UFO crash Nov 21, 2012 This video is very good for discussion generation.Using Google Earth the presenter rises a lot of questions, but he gives us no answers. You decide…. Enjoy and share….. Some magic for you…. Houdini Magic UFO Whirling Card Magic Trick and Book Set Price: $16.62

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