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  • Curiosity’s First Year on Mars

    Curiosity’s First Year on Mars

    Twelve Months in Two Minutes; Curiosity’s First Year on Mars Hi there,today we have a recap of Curiosity’s First Year on Mars. Here is a rover’s eye view of driving, scooping and drilling during Curiosity’s first year on Mars, August 2012 through July 2013. The series of 548 images shows the view from a fisheye camera on the front of the Mars rover Curiosity from the day it landed to July 2013. The camera is the rover’s front Hazard-Avoidance Camera. […]

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  • Comet ISON Approaching The Inner Solar System

    Comet ISON Approaching The Inner Solar System

    Amateur Astronomers See Comet ISON Approaching Because this is ISON’s first approach to the Inner solar system we don’t know how it will be affected, will it survive? There is no reason why it shouldn’t, but time will tell. Comet ISON is still more than two months away from its spectacular close encounter with the sun. Already, the brightening comet has become a good target for backyard telescopes in the pre-dawn sky and new info is appearing. One hopes that […]

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  • Compact Dwarf Galaxy

    Compact Dwarf Galaxy

    Two Minute Tour An Ultra-Compact Dwarf Galaxy With the help of Hubble and Chandra X-ray observatory astronomers may have discovered the densest galaxy in the nearby Universe. The galaxy, known as M60-UCD1, is located about 54 million light years from Earth. M60-UCD1 is packed with an extraordinary number of stars and this has led scientists to classify it as an “ultra-compact dwarf galaxy. This means that this galaxy is smaller and has more stars than just a regular dwarf galaxy. […]

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  • The Chase Is On

    The Chase Is On

    Chasing Comet ISON With ISON’s approach to D-day, the chase is on. Professional astronomers and amateurs alike are observing every move they can from observatories around  the world and from every backyard/garden around the world. Information is coming at an ever increasing rate as we get close to ISON’s encounter with the Sun. November 28 is D-day, assuming ISON survives the encounter, we will be able to see it in the pre-down sky throughout the month of December. ISON will […]

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  • Worked With Aliens?

    Worked With Aliens?

    I have watched this video quite a few times and debated with myself as to whether to post it on this website or not.It has been around since March 2013 and has had a few viewings(over 900 thousands). I cannot make up my mind, true or false? I had never heard of Charles Hall before watching this video or since. He and his wife present the topic quite seriously, they seem to be true belivers.The interviewers don’t seem to really […]

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  • Ask a Climate Scientist

    Food Production In this short video Molly Brown as part of ask a climate scientist explains how climate change can affect food production.   Climate Forecasts Warn Of Crop Failures Climate data can help predict some crop failures several months before harvest, according to a new study from an international team, including a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Scientists found that in about one-third of global cropland, temperature and soil moisture have strong relationships to […]

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  • Leave The Driving To Autonav

    Leave The Driving To Autonav

    Curiosity Rover Report For the past year Curiosity Rover’s travels on mars have been directed by NASA scientists from base control.By testing on Earth the different situation it may encounter, eg:water,wind,rocks,incline,decline etc.They could direct Rover over any obstacle. Now as Curiosity heads to Mount Sharp,NASA is using a new technology that’s coming online for the Rover.It will be using autonomous navigation to pick the best route.Home base will tell it where to go but Curiosity will decide which route to […]

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  • The Mars Eclipse And Curiosity Rover

    The Mars Eclipse And Curiosity Rover

    Eclipse at Mars Casts Shadow Around Mars Rover Curiosity This very brief video depicts the Mars Eclipse. Earlier this month when the Martian moon Phobos passed in front of the sun,the rover recorded the eclipse in the sky as well as the shadow darkening the ground. Enjoy and share……

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  • Einstein’s Time Theory Confirmed by NASA

    Einstein’s Time Theory Confirmed by NASA

    An epic NASA study that lasted 52 years has finally proven that Einstein’s theory of the existence of a four-dimensional space-time vortex around Earth was proven correct.Einstein published his theory back in 1916, this study has finally proven how brilliant Einstein really was. Enjoy and share……..

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  • Emily Wilson-Planetary Scientist

    Emily Wilson-Planetary Scientist

    Today we concentrate on our home planet “Earth” and give a few minutes to learn about one of the scientists working at NASA. Scientist Emily Wilson discusses her work developing miniaturized instruments that measure greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Her latest instrument, the mini-LHR, works in tandem with AERONET, and will contribute to the global effort to better understand climate change. This is one of the major problems fscing us today. How do we minimaze the greenhouse gases and hopefully […]

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